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Re: NFC: Eagle Parts was RE: Auctions OT ?

--- Chris Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com> wrote:
> > What is the lesser
> > evil, that you cannot put feathers on your mirror
> or
> > that there is more room ("freedom"?) for someone
> to
> > pick off raptors?
> By the same logic, should I not be allowed to own a
> knife because I might
> use it to kill someone?

Under certain circumstances, yes. How often do you
bring a buck knife on to airplanes or in to courts?
You can shoot ducks in season with a license and cover
yourself in their feathers. But there are always more
ducks than raptors; they also reproduce faster. 

Freedom is also the benefit from someone else, even
very few, not doing something stupid. That is an ugly

Boo Radley, of the Saraland Alabama Radleys

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