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Re: NFC: Re: Francis Wagner

I don't think that discussing and "debunking" common myths is considered
"racist" or "bigotry".  To say one race is better than another would be by
definition.  To express one's opinion on who has caused the most
environmental damage however and the misconceptions or outright lies
propagated because of those discussions is crucial (in my opinion) to the
PROPER education of people of all races to the needs of our native fish
species...no matter what continent they are on.

As for Europeans being "exotics" or "introduced" to this continent I wish
to say that no species of Homo sapiens originated (according to science's
evolutionary theories) upon this continent.  All races migrated here from
some other location.  Whether is was a migration of 12,00 years ago, 6000
years ago, 2000 years ago or 500 years ago we all came from somewhere
else.  All migrations made serious impacts on the ecosystems of the
time...just ask the Wooly Mammoth.  Migration is a part of the human
equation and what has happened on this continent is merely a reflection of
what has happened on this planet for millenia, it is not any different
than anywhere else in the world.  To this day, Homo sapiens from other
parts of the world continue to migrate to this continent and will continue
to do so for the forseeable future.  This is irrefutable historical FACT.

It is relatively easy to look these things up for oneself, and I would
recommend that everyone involved in this discussion do just that.  As well
as check the dictionary and encyclopedia for correct definitions of words,
such as "racism" and "bigotry".  That way we can all avoid confusion in
the future.

As a dues paying member of the NFC and one who works hard to promote
consevation and historical accuracy for both man and beast I would like
to request that Frank be reinstated to the list.

Luke McClurg

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Joshua Wiegert wrote:

> Keep any racism and bigotry off this list.  Francis Wagner has been removed
> from it.
> end
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