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NFC: Re: Bullhead cats

In my old house in PA we had a 2 acre pond with bullheads.  They would breed in the shallows, and the young looked like rippling oil slicks right up near the banks.  Getting a couple for the tank was as simple as sweeping an aquarium net once through the "slick" and select the best ones out of the sweep, putting the rest back.  They did not do this every year.  No.  In fact they could go 2 or 3 years without doing this.
The young'uns make great pets.  They start off right away on frozen bloodworms, glassworms, and brine shrimp.  They quickly learn to accept flake food but it is not well suited to their physiology.  The bulkier frozen foods that hold together better seem to be more readily accepted and are not scattered into clouds around the tank when the fish eat them like flake food.
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                              Ok, that's all the raptor talk I need. Does anyone know if bullhead catfish breed through the summer, and if they do, where in any  given body of water would be a good place to look  for the young ones.