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Re: NFC: Eagle Parts was RE: Auctions OT ?

An anonymous person wrote:
> What is the lesser
> evil, that you cannot put feathers on your mirror or
> that there is more room ("freedom"?) for someone to
> pick off raptors?

By the same logic, should I not be allowed to own a knife because I might
use it to kill someone?  Should I not be allowed to own milk in an unmarked
container, because I possibly bought it off a farmer who produced it using
substandard sanitation?  This is rediculous.

If shooting a raptor is a crime, fine I can live with that.  We do need to
be proper stewards of our planet.  But there is no reason in the U.S.A. that
I should not be allowed to use dropped feathers as ornamentation, or posess
parts of an already dead bird.

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