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Re: NFC: Eagle Parts was RE: Auctions OT ?

Chris Hedemark wrote:
> This law is one of the sillier ones on the books.   I have a pair of hawks
> nesting in my back yard (it's like Marty Stauffer's Wild America back there)
> and it would be neat to hang a couple of the feathers from the rear view
> mirror in my truck.  But I dare not because of the strong arm tactics of the
> federal government.  Oooooooh don't get me started.  The founding fathers
> are rolling over in their graves, disgusted of what we've done with the
> nation they gave us.

Chris, you are being foolish. It sounds like you would rather have some
freedom than some illusory safety. Man, are you out of touch! ;-)

My .sig kinda says it all.


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   people who tend to view government as the solution to
   every social problem. 

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