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Re: NFC: RE: Auctions OT ?

Unfortunately many 'environmentalists' have little to
no real knowledge of the environment and are just on
their 'kick of the day'.

I recall all too well back in the 70s trying to scrape
up volunteers to do stream surveys from Ohio State but
they literally were all too busy doing 'save the
whale' and other demonstrations . Meanwhile practicing
their own inimitable maximum conspicuous consumption

Environmentalism has become a liberal sacred cow that
has little to no real relationship with the
environment, and overal I think that the sportsmen are
more solidly based on the important environmental
issues, unfortunately, for too many if it cant be
harvested it has no relevence to their view of the
environment. So NYS spends millions on maintaining
trout and zilch on darters, or even, stranger to me,
zero effort to restore species extirpated from
original habitat even when it is doable.

Its a strange world that we live in.


--- Wally Billingham
<wallybillingham at wallybillingham_com> wrote:
> Being part native American myself (I have to many
> friends from India to call
> myself  "part Indian") I kinda find the whole idea
> that native Americans
> were at peace and unity with the land to be quite
> funny. My ancestors
> (Cherokee) used to burn thousands, and thousands of
> acres of forest just to
> clear land and scare up game. Of course real NA's
> don't propagate that myth,
> nor are any of them all that upset with the
> "Washington Redskins",
> "Cleveland Indians", or "Atlanta Braves". That myth
> like most other "Indian"
> myths is part of the liberal agenda being propagated
> by stupid people with
> way to much time on their hands. I was hunting once
> in my native Maryland
> when I was assaulted by a bunch of idiot college
> kids (who were very
> stupidly dressed for being out in a hunting area)
> who were saying that I was
> destroying the environment by hunting. Come one
> sportsman and
> environmentalists should be allies not enemies. We
> want the same things
> after all don't we?
> Wally Billingham
> very proud to be just a little bit Cherokee but even
> more proud to be over
> half Irish!
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> From: R.J. Rogers <minnowman56 at hotmail_com>
> To: <nfc at actwin_com>
> Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 3:29 PM
> Subject: Re: NFC: RE: Auctions OT ?
> > >To see a good example of the damage that an
> Imported and / or a Released
> > >species can do when it takes over
> > >Go talk to any of the native Indian Tribes as to
> the effect the Europeans
> > >had on the ecological systems of both the North
> and South American
> > >continents.
> >
> > Gay, Im surprised that you of all people would
> fall for the Myth of the
> > Benign Indian legend. Its a well estblished
> historical fact that Indians
> > raped the environment and probably caused as many
> extinctions as the so
> > called "evil" White Man. Who knows how worse off
> the environment would be
> if
> > white settlers didn't come in and bring some law
> and order. How many
> > millions of endangered salmon do Indians kill
> today because it is sacred
> or
> > customary to kill them? Personally, I am sick and
> tired of the white man
> > getting accused of everything, and am glad that an
> organization like the
> > Native Fish Conservancy exists where objectivity
> and THE FACTS get to be
> > exposed no matter how politically incorrect they
> might be.
> >
> > Randy
> >
> >
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