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NFC: Re: South Eastern PA and sleeping with a fish

Wait a minute, before I moved in with my current women who now is my wife, I
had two fish tanks setup in my bedroom, so I have slept with the fish. What
is wrong with that? I don't mind you all picking on where your folks may
have come from, but making reference about one's normal habit as being
something you don't what to happen to one self!! That is hitting close to
home.  ~(:>))   JiM C.

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                               Hey is anyone out there from South Eastern
PA, more on target, would be Lower Bucks County PA.        I'm not part
"Indian", my ethnic background is  all Italian, so no olive oil jokes
please, I am very sensitive about that, I would not want to get my Uncle
Louy after you guys, nobody wants to sleep with the fishes, right.
Territo aka nickel

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