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Re: NFC: RE: Auctions OT ?

--- Francis Wagner <piney01 at webtv_net> wrote:
> yes i agree with that. i heard on the news yesterday
> that if a whiteman
> like us pick up a feather from a bald  eagle and
> keeps it and takes it
> home and if the police or  the government knows you
> have one they will
> give you a heavy fine and you could go to jail. the
> only people that can
> keep them are the redskins the the united states.
> that makes me sick.
> why is that      us white folks are always being
> picked on. we should
> turn the table around for a change.     frank 
I like this list. It has become the creative writing
list. Many of us have become very good at this, too.
There is also the possibility that I have missed a
very big joke. White folks are always being picked on?
They must remain happy with reservations, yes I know.
So who will be picked to be Chief White Man? I am
currently unable to volunteer for this position.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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