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NFC: Fw: Re: Questions on Killifish


Robert Rice
NFC president

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From: Bill Manes <wcmanes at yahoo_com>
To: robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:05:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Questions on Killifish
Message-ID: <20010730200541.59391.qmail at web10004_mail.yahoo.com>

Thank you!!

Basically I am looking for a good species of killifish
to live and breed in my pond. Some of the important
considerations are:

1. I am in inland empire area of Southern California.
VERY hot summers (100+) and generally mild winters.
Water temperatures will be warm (can be above 85 deg)
for several months.

2. My pond is pretty small (under 300 gallons) and
about 3 ft deep. It has quite a few plants. Water
condtion is pretty good and clear (more than enough
pump and filter), however it is kind of high on the pH
(around 8 or above). I'm not really sure why. No
ammonia and very minimal nitrites/nitrates.

3. It has turtles. My son loves turtles and we have a
couple small sliders (4 in) in the pond (maybe more in
the future :). They will eat the fish if they can.
Hovever they are pretty isolated in one section of the
pond and I can start the fish in another area that is
about 50 gallons. Of couse, eventually I would like
enough fish so the turtles can catch a few and the
population will maintain

4. I have some gambusa (sp?) in th pond now, but they
just don't "show" very well. I want to see the fish
and I would like a little more color and size.

5. I really want something that will:
   be active and hardy, 
   stay generally near the top of the pond,
   grow to around 3" or so (not much bigger, smaller
is ok)
   spawn in the pond (the easier the better :)
   be pretty/colorful (however this is low on the

I guess that about does it. I know some killie have
trouble co-existing with gambusa, so if necessary I
would be willing to get rid of them (I have a friend
that would take them). I REALLY appreciate any
information you can provide. I just want to make the
best decision I can.


--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> Fire Away Bill,
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org
> On Mon, 30 Jul 2001 12:35:42 -0700 Bill Manes
> <wcmanes at yahoo_com> writes:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I am hoping this message is received by Robert
> Rice.
> > 
> > My name is Bill Manes. I have recently installed a
> small pond in my 
> > yard 
> > and am very interested in information on fish for
> my pond. For 
> > several 
> > reason I don't want koi or goldfish (mostly
> because I don't really 
> > like 
> > them). However I think killifish would be exactly
> what I want. The 
> > reason I am writing you is that I have read a few
> of your articles 
> > and I 
> > find them to be quite informative and
> comprehensible. I have several 
> > 
> > questions about the exact type of killifish that
> would thrive (and 
> > hopefully reproduce) in my pond environment. I
> have not been able to 
> > 
> > find any of this information, as it seems that
> basically all 
> > information 
> > available is for aquarists.
> > 
> > I am not sending you my questions now because I
> want to make sure it 
> > 
> > would be alright with you. If you would not mind
> answering some 
> > questions and providing some suggestions for me,
> please respond to 
> > this 
> > e-mail.
> > 
> > Thank you,
> > Bill Manes
> > 
> > 
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org

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