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Re: NFC: RE: Auctions OT ?

>To see a good example of the damage that an Imported and / or a Released
>species can do when it takes over
>Go talk to any of the native Indian Tribes as to the effect the Europeans
>had on the ecological systems of both the North and South American

Gay, Im surprised that you of all people would fall for the Myth of the 
Benign Indian legend. Its a well estblished historical fact that Indians 
raped the environment and probably caused as many extinctions as the so 
called "evil" White Man. Who knows how worse off the environment would be if 
white settlers didn't come in and bring some law and order. How many 
millions of endangered salmon do Indians kill today because it is sacred or 
customary to kill them? Personally, I am sick and tired of the white man 
getting accused of everything, and am glad that an organization like the 
Native Fish Conservancy exists where objectivity and THE FACTS get to be 
exposed no matter how politically incorrect they might be.


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