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Robert Rice
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    hi all,
   My name is Mark Piechowski, I live in south Florida, near Fort 
Lauderdale. I am 25 year old now, I have had fish tanks since I was 
about 10. In the beginning, there were the neon tetras, cory catfish 
and the kuli loches. I was always into freshwater fishing and it 
wasnt long before I got bored of the tropical pet store fish. I 
started by introducing the common top minnow--mosquito fish. Then I 
put crawfish in there and grass shrimp. Then I moved on to bluegills, 
(in south Florida they're called Brim or Bream) and darters, what 
ever came up in the net. I have kept Bass, but they are a lot of 
work, you have to give them food that moves---and get it everyday. 
Then we were netting and up came a baby brown bullhead, about 1 1/2" 
long. I kept him in a 55 gallon tank for about 8 years--his name was 
   My friend Todd, who lived 2 blocks over from me was into keeping 
native fish, and we became best friends--we are still best friends to 
this day even though he lives about 300 miles away. We have had brown 
bullheads, black bullheads, yellow bullheads, channel catfish, Red 
Oscars that were caught, not bought. Green sunfish, dollar sunfish, 
blue spotted sunfish, bluegills, pickeral, gobies, darters, tadpole 
madtoms, tail light shiners, goldenears, sailfin mollies, flagfish, 
gulf coast killie fish and even had longnose gar. But the gar didn't 
last too long because Roscoe thoguh they tasted good. That was the 
only time we ever caught gar and haven't had any luck since. We have 
always tried for bowfin sometimes called mudfish, but no luck 
catching little ones of those--yet. 
    I drive to Massachusetts every year and I'd come back with some 
species from there, that is where I got the pickeral from and the 
black bullheads. I haven't had the luck of cathcing a yellow pearch 
that was small enough to keep.
    We mostly collect the fish using dipnets, sometimes with a hook, 
sometimes with an umbrealla net and sometimes with little traps made 
from a 2 liter bottle.
     I hope to share some experiances, retrieving techniques or 
potential locations on collecting particular species.
    Talk to ya later,
  Mark Piechowski

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