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Re: NFC: an afterthought about our towns trout fishing weekend

Siluriformes2 at aol_com wrote:
> Hi All,
> I wanted to share with everyone about how my town has a trout fishing
> contest
> every year.  On the first weekend of March every year, the city purches
> hundreds of trout and has them poured into the pond that zig-zags through
> the
> city park. This is nothing but cruelty to all those trout, because said
> pond
> is very polluted. Its shallow from end to end, very high temps in the
> summer.
> The only water flowing into it is run-off from the streets when it rains.
> One
> year I walked around it and viewed dozens if not hundreds of dead trout
> (two
> weeks after released), but in succeeding years I never saw that sight
> again.
> My guess is that they hurry up and clean them up, as to avoid the public
> seeing such a sight.
> Who could I go to with my concerns about this?

Sounds like you primarily have an education problem. How about a gentle,
thoughtful letter to the editor of the local paper?

Directly approaching the town boosters is often not very effective, for they
have made an emotional commitment to a course of action and won't feel like
seeing all sides. You need to educate *their* customers so that the economic
pressure of disapproval becomes evident. Use local radio talk shows, the
papers, and even polite ads in the shopping news to reach them and organize
a small "study group."


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