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NFC: an afterthought about our towns trout fishing weekend

Hi All,
I wanted to share with everyone about how my town has a trout fishing contest
every year.  On the first weekend of March every year, the city purches
hundreds of trout and has them poured into the pond that zig-zags through the
city park. This is nothing but cruelty to all those trout, because said pond
is very polluted. Its shallow from end to end, very high temps in the summer.
The only water flowing into it is run-off from the streets when it rains. One
year I walked around it and viewed dozens if not hundreds of dead trout (two
weeks after released), but in succeeding years I never saw that sight again.
My guess is that they hurry up and clean them up, as to avoid the public
seeing such a sight.
Who could I go to with my concerns about this?