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Re: NFC: Re: Auctions OT

David Strickler wrote:
> So do some birds, but do we despise them for it?  My point is that herps,
> snakes in particular, have gotten a pretty bad rap over the eons because of
> some learned fear passed down from generation to generation.  I agree with you
> that we should keep fish stuff with fish stuff, but I've never heard of a
> native plant or animal being pests or a "major source of problems".  Everything
> fulfills a niche, even poison ivy and mosquitos! :)

Good point David,

I was referring to introduced species like bullfrogs, turtles and even
inverts like crawdads and trumpet snails. They are great in their natural
water, but can be a disaster in an isolated desert spring where they do not
belong. We have lost several *Cyprinodon* and *Empitrichthys* species to
such events. More to follow, until folks learn to not dump aquaria-type
stuff where it doesn't belong.


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In retrospect it becomes clear that hindsight is definitely overrated.


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