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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Alert


I'm afraid that many in the 'environmentalist' league are much more 
interesting in halting ALL development/growth/technology than in preserving 
nature.  At least it appears that way to my myopic, astigmatic old eyes.

Why does it always have to be all or nothing with these folks?  We really 
can have careful development without trashing the environment, despite what 
Greenpeace might have you believe.

Of course, none of this addresses the question of whether the Federal 
Government has any right, constitutionally speaking, to take lands from the 
states for *any* purpose....



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>Let's try this again.
>Those also on the NANFA list already know my position on drilling in the 
>ANWR.  I happen to own land in northern British Columbia that has active 
>oil wells on it (the Crown gets the royalties, not me).  Resident animals - 
>grizzley, caribou, moose, wolves, etal abound.  In fact, many of the 
>animals use the seismic lines cut for exploration as expressways for their 
>travel.  In addition, the areas that were cleared for the seismic lines 
>attract the herivores for grazing.  I have also hunted along the edges of 
>the ANWR and have flown over some of the western parts of the Refuge.  Much 
>of it is big rolling hills covered with muskeg, wild blueberries, saskatoon 
>berries, grasses, etc.  Along the streams and rivers are stunted black 
>spruce and stunted willow.  If the oil is exploited in much the same way as 
>in northern British Columbia, I honestly can't see it doing much of any 
>harm to the indigenous species.  It might even create some windbreaks that 
>would attract wildlife much lik!
>e !
>the artificial reefs created in
>the ocean from wrecked war planes, etc.  Just my relatively unemotional & 
>unscientific assessment.
>Bruce Scott
>Meridian, Idaho
>Coming soon, my next essay: How logging can & does benefit forest health.

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