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NFC: Global change bibliography

I have observed that there are people on the two
fishes lists who have ideological problems with global
climate change. I wish to make good on a promise to
cite sources for such information. The message
following contains a large list of literature for such
change. I decided not to send this to President Bush,
I know that Cheney will not show it to him.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

The latest version of the Pacific Institute's
bibliography on environmental
 change (which we define as climate change and ozone
depletion issues) and its
 impacts on biodiversity and associated ecosystems, as
well as agriculture,  has
 been updated, with more than 300 new citations added
since the last update in
 May. The bibliography is searchable and soon will be
downloadable into popular
 bibliographical software packages, including Endnote,
Procite and Reference
 Manager. To access the bibliography, go to:

 Suggestions for additions or corrections to the
bibliography will be greatly
 appreciated. If you wish to be informed of future
updates, subscribe to our
 announcement list on the site's index page.

 Wil Burns, Senior Associate
 Pacific Institute for Studies in Development,
Environment, and Security
 654 13th St., Preservation Park
 Oakland, CA 94612 USA
 Phone: 510.251.1600
 Fax:     510.251.2203
 Cell:     650.703.3280
 wburns at pacinst_org

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