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NFC: ID of Some Fish

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies about finding the "North 
American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium".  I will be looking 
on e-bay for the book.

I sent an earlier introductory e-mail but its seems to have never 
gotten to the list, so here it is again.

I name is Steve Pituch, from Katy, TX, near Houston.  I have been 
working with aquatic plants in my aquariums for about two years.  
About a month ago my son (John) and I started looking around for 
indigenous aquatic plants to use in my aquariums.  It took a while 
but eventually I found some swordplants, ludwiga, nitella, and 
sagitaria.  While we were doing this, we noticed the fish in the 
water.  The first week we got some guppy-like fish using a jar. I 
think they are Mosquito fish. But we had seen some red in the 
water so we knew there were other species we couldn't catch.  The 
following week we brought a net and caught a few fish that someone 
said were Red Shiners.  Last week we used a minnow trap and caught 
about 40 Red Shiners, and 10 are a deeper red.  We also caught 3 
fish that are not shiners.  I have pictures of them at:


These fish are slimmer, more torpedo like, and have broader and 
rounder heads than the shiners.  I would appreciate if someone 
could tell me  what kind of fish they are.  They like to stay on 
the bottom of the tank.

Also check out the July 1 expedition page that shows the Red 

If anyone in the Houston area would like to compare notes on the 
locations of fish and aquatic plants, please pipe up.  I am 
planning on looking around the area again this weekend.

My goal is to eventually have my 75 gallon tank stocked with just 
indigenous plants and fish.


Steve Pituch, in TX

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