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NFC: Re: Out of Print Book

I too just got the book a few months ago at a "Borders" book store. While I
will agree that it has a limited scope what info it did have was pretty
good. It wasn't all that expensive if I remember right and it has a lot of
great pictures. The pictures alone make it worth while IMHO, as does the
authors breeding tips.

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> Hi all,
> Someone mentioned to me the book "Native North American Fishes for
> the Home Aquarium (Barrons 1998) by David M. Schleser, which is
> out of print.
> Is anyone familar with this book?  Is it worth searching for?
> Does anyone have an extra copy that they would like to sell?
> Thanks,
> Steve Pituch, in TX
> PS. Apparently it has a Red Shiner (Cyprinella Lutrensis) on the
> cover similar to the ones I have recently caught.
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