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NFC: Re: Out of Print Book

Oops  hit the wrong key... please pardon the first incomplete message !

Hi Steve... While I do agree with Kris about Dave Schleser's book, I still
think it is a good book for the Native Fish Hobbyist to have. There are some
very nice pics in this book and while he is somewhat opinionated, he still
should be given a certain amount of attention in that he was for a very long
time affliated with the Greater Dallas Aquarium... Thinking he was curator
there but not sure. Hehee  I even got an autographed copy from him...  And
it is a Red Shiner on the cover of his book. Just my $0.02 !!!
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas

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> Hi all,
> Someone mentioned to me the book "Native North American Fishes for
> the Home Aquarium (Barrons 1998) by David M. Schleser, which