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Re: NFC: Out of Print Book

I have it...I actually got it from Barnes & Noble just a few months ago.  
Are you sure they don't have a back-stock of it?  Otherwise you may want to 
check with Powell Books (out of Oregon) or abe books (only online).  Both 
are great used booksellers/brokers for just about anything you can think of. 
  Both can be accessed online.

I wouldn't search all that hard for this book.  It was cheap & and had some 
pretty okay info for the complete novice fishkeeper with a big budget.  
Decent pictures.  I thought it was extremely incomplete though and the 
author's biases toward and against certain fish (largely based on his notion 
of 'pretty') are pretty blatant.

can you tell I was dissappointed with this book ;)

If you're just looking for native fish books, I'd go to ABE books 
(www.dogbert.abebooks.com) and run a search.  You can really pick up some 
fantastic deals there.  I've ordered a lot of things & always had great luck


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>Subject: NFC: Out of Print Book
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>Hi all,
>Someone mentioned to me the book "Native North American Fishes for
>the Home Aquarium (Barrons 1998) by David M. Schleser, which is
>out of print.
>Is anyone familar with this book?  Is it worth searching for?
>Does anyone have an extra copy that they would like to sell?
>Steve Pituch, in TX
>PS. Apparently it has a Red Shiner (Cyprinella Lutrensis) on the
>cover similar to the ones I have recently caught.
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