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Re: NFC: Big Announcement

Way ta go, Wally! Best of luck.


> Wally Billingham wrote:
> Hello everyone, please read and pass along to anyone you think might be
> interested.
> Wally
> The Native Fish Conservancy (http://www.nativefish.org) a national
> organization dedicated to the conservation, and study of North American
> Fish is proud to announce the creation of our newest local chapter.
> Headquartered in Corry, PA the "French Creek Native Fish Conservancy"
> (http://www.wallybillingham.com/frenchcreek) is dedicated to the
> preservation and study of all aquatic life in the French Creek Watershed.
> The chapter was founded by Wally Billingham who is the NFC Regional Leader
> for N.W. Pennsylvania. Their first meeting will be held in late August in
> Erie PA. At the first meeting we will discuss what the club will be about,
> and plan our first collecting trip. The trip will be held on Sat. Sept 22
> which is also fish for free day in PA so no license is needed. If you are
> interested in attending any of these events please email Wally
> (wally at wallybillingham_com) or call him at 814-665-9520. You do not need
> to be a member of NFC to participate (but it won't hurt) and even if you
> have never thought about natives why not come out and see what we are all
> about.

Wright Huntley,  Fremont CA, USA,  510 494-8679     huntley1 at home_com

In retrospect it becomes clear that hindsight is definitely overrated.


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