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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #634


I live in New Orleans.....when will you be here ?  Hopefully not next
week as I will be attending a killifish show in Houston, Tx.  There is
another person who I will be travelling with who is the guru of native
fish in Louisiana. His name is B G Granier and he lives in Baker, La. ,
near Baton Rouge, La.  I am sure we could talk him into a collection
trip ( provided he does not have anything planned ).

To my knowledge there are no oscars in our waters, but we have a heck of
a lot of "other" wonderful native fish.  There are killiefish, minnows,
sunfish,mad toms and lots of amazing things to be found.  Let me know if
I/we can help you. My e-mail
addy is :

HOLLIS1506 at webtv_net

Have a good day and stay well.



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