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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting on a Sunday

now if there ever was a topic for a fama article it is the round headed goby the silent assasian  !
On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 20:45:45 EDT Theduuz at aol_com writes:
A buddy and I went collecting in 18 mile Creek of Erie County, NY last
Sunday.  I was hoping to grab a couple of Bowfin fry.  How ever, after just a
couple of hours we were able to bring home some 3" long nosed gar, Stonecats,
a slew of black bullhead fry, yellow and brown bullhead fry, some
carpsuckers, 1 1/2" Quillbacks, Longnosed dace and one lone female blacksided
darter.  Also, enough blacknosed shiner fry to keep the gars happy.  Try as
we did there was not a bowfin to be found.

What surprised me was the lack of darter population and in their place was
the round head goby!


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