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Re: NFC: Zebra Mussels

When not out "net fishing" for natives, my son and I go to the pier at
Holland, MI and catch lots of freshwater drum and round gobies, both of which
eat Zebra mussels (their intestinal tracts can be loaded with them). The drum
are in the 2-6# range; I expect their population to explode as they have a
virtually limitless food supply and do not rely on the bottom for spawning as
their eggs float!

The dozens of round gobies we catch (2-7" range) are turned into garden
fertilizer (us Northerners have our own Non-native Removal Program).
Unfortunately, gobies are prolific spawners (all summer) and guard their
nests. Dept. of Int. biologists fear they will shove out the less aggressive
sculpins and other benthics.


                                          Kevin S. DeVries