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Re: NFC: snappers, cooters, maps and sliders (turtle race)

baked chicken and goldfish!!! that sounds good (except for the goldfish!!).

thank you for the first hand info. that means more than theory and pretty
much coincides with what i read. i do like seeing the turtles in the pond
and will leave a few of the larger ones and see how that goes. i noticed
yesterday that theres a much larger than normal batch of frog eggs in the
pond from any year i can remember recently (last 10 years). what does this
mean?? extremely mild winter??
-=tabb in tennessee
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> He Tabb.
> My larger turtles happily gobble up chicken, goldfish, and any other meat
> that I put in there, so, no -- they don't turn vegetarian.  However, as
> age, the gusto for small, meaty items tends to go away, and I'll find them
> more often than not more interested in the cuttings form my plant tanks
> in the baked chicken.
> So, to put it a little better:  When they grow up, they preffer vegies,
> won't turn their nose up to meat -- even if its a fish. :)
> Josh.