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Re: NFC: snappers, cooters, maps and sliders (turtle race)

He Tabb.

My larger turtles happily gobble up chicken, goldfish, and any other meat
that I put in there, so, no -- they don't turn vegetarian.  However, as they
age, the gusto for small, meaty items tends to go away, and I'll find them
more often than not more interested in the cuttings form my plant tanks than
in the baked chicken.

So, to put it a little better:  When they grow up, they preffer vegies, but
won't turn their nose up to meat -- even if its a fish. :)

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> i read it someplace that the painted turts go veggie when they get larger.
> cant verify this however. i brought it up hoping that someone who might
> for sure might enlighten me. if true i would leave a few of the larger
> sliders in the pond but remove the smaller ones. i put a pic of the turtle
> trap on the web at http://www.hillbillyhighway.com/turtletrap.  the pic is
> of the smaller one that i used for testing. right now i am putting the
> finishing touches on one 6' square and made of 4" pvc.
> -=tabb in tennessee on flatwood pond
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> > >i dont want them competing with my fish for forage. i understand that
> > >larger ones are vegetarian while the smaller ones like to eat fish.
> >
> > Really?  This is interesting...I've never heard this before.  I know
> > snappers, at least, of any age are very carnivorous.
> >
> > that are strictly vegetarian, I'd like to know about it.  It would be
> great
> > to have a couple in a pond without worrying about the fishes' future!
> >
> > Does anybody know for sure?
> >

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