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Re: NFC: snappers, cooters, maps and sliders (turtle race)

i read it someplace that the painted turts go veggie when they get larger. i
cant verify this however. i brought it up hoping that someone who might know
for sure might enlighten me. if true i would leave a few of the larger
sliders in the pond but remove the smaller ones. i put a pic of the turtle
trap on the web at http://www.hillbillyhighway.com/turtletrap.  the pic is
of the smaller one that i used for testing. right now i am putting the
finishing touches on one 6' square and made of 4" pvc.
-=tabb in tennessee on flatwood pond

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From: "Scott Olson" <olson7 at hotmail_com>
> >i dont want them competing with my fish for forage. i understand that the
> >larger ones are vegetarian while the smaller ones like to eat fish.
> Really?  This is interesting...I've never heard this before.  I know that
> snappers, at least, of any age are very carnivorous.
> that are strictly vegetarian, I'd like to know about it.  It would be
> to have a couple in a pond without worrying about the fishes' future!
> Does anybody know for sure?

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