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Re: NFC: snappers, cooters, maps and sliders (turtle race)

>snappers, cooters, maps and sliders
>the turtle population in my pond has really grown over the past few years 
>the point where i feel like i oughta relocate a few dozen of them. 
>i dont want them competing with my fish for forage. i understand that the
>larger ones are vegetarian while the smaller ones like to eat fish.

Really?  This is interesting...I've never heard this before.  I know that 
snappers, at least, of any age are very carnivorous.

When I was a kid we used to catch western painted turtles by jigging a worm 
or piece of squawfish meat in front of their noses.  The turtles that we 
caught were not juveniles.  I recognize that map turtles, cooters and 
sliders are different species, however, so maybe...

I know that tortoises tend to be vegetarian; if there are turtles out there 
that are strictly vegetarian, I'd like to know about it.  It would be great 
to have a couple in a pond without worrying about the fishes' future!

Does anybody know for sure?


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