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Re: NFC: aquarium stand

Nickel wrote: 

>>  ... put a sheet of polystyrene between the stand 
>>  and the aquarium tank, to smooth out any 
>>  irregularities. ..... [snip] ...  Do most of you, out 
>>  there, do this?

Same as everybody else, no I do not normally do this. (On the other hand, the majority of my tanks are on home-made stands, with plywood shelves.) 

However, I have a semi-related "aquarium stand technology" discovery to pass on.

I found some (+/-) "super-glide" furniture castor type things at Wal-Mart, little plastic or Teflon disks. They come in various sizes, $3 or $4 for a package as I recall. The metal legs of a std. fish-store bought wrought-iron over/under stand for 55-gal tanks fit neatly into/onto the size that's about 3 cm.

And thanks to these things, I can single-handedly pull the rack in my living with two fully-loaded 55's away from the wall to do filter maintenance from the back or whatever, and put it back in place when I'm done. It's still heavy, of course, but given that, it moves pretty well. And leaves no marks on our wood floors. 

(I am of course pleased that I discovered and thought to use these things while I was first setting up these tanks ... a retro-install when the tanks were full would be a bit of a nuisance, I suspect.) 

One of these days I'm going to take all the living room fish, cozy in their "mobile home", to the kitchen, just so they can say they've been. 


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL