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NFC: snappers, cooters, maps and sliders (turtle race)

snappers, cooters, maps and sliders

the turtle population in my pond has really grown over the past few years to
the point where i feel like i oughta relocate a few dozen of them. primarily
i dont want them competing with my fish for forage. i understand that the
larger ones are vegetarian while the smaller ones like to eat fish. i've
been experimenting with floating turtle traps over the past couple years and
now have a trap that really catches them. i have been letting them escape
while i've experimented but am about ready to remove some of them to the
lake. its a real turtle paradise. our pond is a natural pond and it shows as
far back as the 1934 topo maps. i help it along with water from my 150' well
(ph 7) and a wind driven air pump feeding a large air stone tied into an
empty dry wall bucket, weighted with stones and sunk in the deepest part of
the pond.

From: "kidt cordry" <kidtt at hotmail_com>
> Turtle Biodeversity Report:
> 4th of July Turtle Race, Johnson County, Wightsville Ga.