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NFC: Re: RE: new chat room

Native Fish Conservancy Chat

Of course, you can stop by and chat anytime.

Mark Barnett

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Subject: NFC: RE: new chat room

> Hello
> Need time including time zone
> We all don't live in the same time zone
> Gay
> Alaska
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> Subject: NFC: new chat room
> The new chat room is up and well it rocks !!! Follow this link give
> yourself a name and join in. To visit the NFC chat you will need to click
> on the rooms button on the right side
> Go here and lets revive our sundat chats
> http://www.fishlinkcentral.com/chat/index.htm
> Robert Rice
> Native Fish Conservancy President
> www.nativefish.org
> join our Adopt A Tank Program .
> Put a Tank of Natives in your classroom