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NFC: turtle biodeversity report

Turtle Biodeversity Report:
4th of July Turtle Race, Johnson County, Wightsville Ga.

This year I some how ended up running the 4th of july turtle race.

Though this event is of qustionable legality, (eastern Box turtles 
restricted as pets by state law, gopher turtles federally protected[ am i 
right on this?]) as the sherrif, who was a judge says "We aren't Marietta"

most of the tutles are rescued from the highway anyway and other than the 
indignity of being decorated they are returned to the wild afterward.  
Sometimes the same turtle will show up 2 or more years in a row (needs to 
find a differnt road to cross).

Their were 32 turtles in entered and at least 7 species represented.(I was 
too busy herding 32 sets of kids and parents to key them all out)

Species definatly in attendence:

easten box
easten gopher (mam, make sure you turn that loose, possession is a federal 
felony....  I'll put him right back where I got him ...i didn't bother to 
tell her it was female)

Snaping turtle
and various other "water turtles"

Thought you guys might be interested.
small town Americana a la Andy Griffin is alive and well.
The turtles might not like the ritual, but we havent had any kids shot at 
our school yet.
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