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Re: NFC: blue pike stuff

if i recall, they're small in size and came down the mississippi river then
into the cumberland river. we're located a few miles from the stones river
which is a tributary of the cumberland. i'll have to guess that they're in
there too but now yall have my interest up and will have to check it out.
this filtration aspect is intriguing however.
-=tabb in tennessee
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> --- flatwood <flatwood at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> > a few years ago they caused a lot of concern in
> > tennessees lakes and rivers.
> > if my memory serves me they were establishing
> > colonies on dam gates and
> > interfering with the gates operation. i've seen
> > several references to them
> > for filtration of the small closed koi ponds. that
> > may be where this "good"
> > aspect comes from. i know they're not welcome in
> > tennessees lakes and
> > rivers. are they foreign (non usa)???
> Zebra mussels are native to northern Europe. They are
> not a problem there because they have predators. The
> only known predator of zebra mussels in North America
> is the ruddy duck. The mussels have population
> explosions that result in super-filtration of water.
> You will find that this results in a collapsed food
> chain; no green algae = no zooplankton = no big fish.
> But the water will look nice.
> Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama (not in Monroe County)
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