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NFC: Fw: River Policy Update, Week of July 2

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American Rivers' Policy Update
Week of July 2, 2001


* Congressional leadership
* Agricultural policy
* Water policy
* Wildlife
* Bush administration environmental nominees
* Congressional calendar
* Take action
* Special trip deal
* Jobs


The Senate approved a new organizational structure late Friday.  
Democrats will gain one-seat majorities in all committees when 
Congress reconvenes after the Independence Day recess.   


The House is expected to resume debate on the FY '02 agriculture 
appropriations bill when it returns from the Independence Day 
recess.  The House bill, H.R. 2330, has received criticism from the 
environmental community, farmers, and some members of the Senate for 
its failure to include the Wetlands Reserve Program, Farmland 
Protection Program, and Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program.  


Energy and Water bill: Auburn dam rider out, Missouri River rider in
A controversial provision of the House FY '02 energy and water 
appropriations bill that would have provided for a new study of the 
Auburn Dam on the American River in California was struck before the 
bill was voted on.  The withdrawal of the Auburn dam measure, which 
had been backed by Rep. John Doolittle (D-CA), clears the way for the 
August completion of an Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study on 
addressing flood control concerns by raising the existing Folsom dam. 
The full House passed the energy and water bill on Thursday without 
removing another rider, inserted by Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA), that 
would prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from revising Missouri and 
Mississippi river operations to benefit wildlife.  The environmental 
community adamantly opposes this rider, and plans to target it when 
the Senate and House negotiate over the final energy and water bill.  
Conservationists argue that allowing a more natural seasonal rise and 
fall of water levels would not prevent traditional uses of the rivers 
or their floodplains, but that it is critical to the survival of 
several endangered species, including the pallid sturgeon, piping 
plover, and interior least tern.  To encourage the Army Corps to 
revise its operation of Missouri River dams, American Rivers listed 
the Missouri as its number one Most Endangered River this year.


On the markup of the Interior appropriations bill for FY '02, the 
conservation community welcomed news last week that the Senate 
Appropriations Committee, like the House of Representatives, refused 
to attach riders backed by the Bush administration that would 
eliminate listing deadlines under the Endangered Species Act and fund 
a study of oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


Last week President Bush nominated Donald Schregardus to head the 
Environmental Protection Agency's office of enforcement and 
compliance assurance.  Schregardus worked for the EPA's Midwest 
office for 17 years, where he managed wastewater compliance and 
enforcement and conducted air, waste, and water studies.  More 
recently he has worked as an environmental consultant.  
Conservationists expressed concern about Schregardus' commitment to 
enforcing environmental laws.  Bush also nominated Marianne Lamont 
Horinko to be EPA assistant administrator for solid waste and 
emergency response.  Horinko was attorney advisor to the assistant 
administrator for solid waste and emergency response during the first 
Bush administration. 


Congress is in recess this week for the Independence Day holiday. 


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