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Re: REQUEST: [was "Re: NFC: New Flier -- WE NEED YOU"]

	If you mean the AAT tank, then here goes ... 

1. Fed fish
2. Changed water once per week
3. Light went out on tank; didn't bother replacing it. 
4. Noticed little SRBD swimming around


On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Can someone with intimate knowledge of the recent SRBD spawning PRETTY
> PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP write something up for the Flier (and
> nativefish.org) on this event?  I think it would be valuable for everyone.
> Thanks,
> Chris

Sajjad Lateef   email: sajjad <at> acm.org 
Chicago, IL     web: http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/