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Re: NFC: New Flier -- WE NEED YOU

Anythign for the Flier should be sent to me, directly, at JLW at dune_net

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Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 5:34 PM
Subject: RE: NFC: New Flier -- WE NEED YOU

> Hello
> If we want to submit something where do we send it ?
> Gay
> Alaska
> ghemsath at att_net
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JLW at dune_net
> writes:
> << Hey everyone.
>  Yes, I'm still alive!  I got my new flier today, in the mail.... Its
> looking
>  good, but WE NEED HELP.   All you people who volunteered articles and
>  for my first run, where were you last time?  Where will you be this this
>  time?   With the new format of the Flier, I can't do this alone.  I need
>  help.  I need people willing to write regular columns.  More than
>  I need them to do it.  The NFC is a volunteer organisation, and without
>  help of its members, willing to write columns (amongst other things).
>  Not a good writer?  Think you can't spel didlie skwat?  (Didn't notice
>  I misspelled didly squat, and spell?)  Who cares?  Thats what an editor
>  for -- and I'm the editor. :)  I don't mind fixing your spelling, grammar
> or
>  reworking articles, but I need people to WRITE, to go thru articles and
> say,
>  "That could be great for the NFC" and cut it out, mail it to me.
>  Don't want to do that?  Okay, theres lots more you can do to help out.
>  Ideas and critism, both bad and good, are always welcomed.
>  Come on, lets pull together, and get everything going great again.
>  Josh.
>  end
>    >>
> OK, I'm late reading this.  I'll write something on AAT for next one and
> write something every month if you like until I run out of ideas.  When do
> you need the next one?  Want me to write two or three so you don't have to
> chase me?  Anyone else come forward?
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana  USA