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NFC: Jake is right about green space

> reserves. We are heading towards a 'national burb'
> with a few green areas spread through it. And some
> brown ones where there is no longer any water.
Yes, even in Alabama this is true. I was able to spend
today travelling to the other side of Mobile Bay,
taking the ferry from Dauphin Island to the Fort
Morgan peninsula. I found some fish, Fundulus
cingulatus (once again) and F. chrysotus to put in a
tank. But this beautiful barrier beach area is slowly
being swallowed up as the western tip of the "redneck
riviera" on the Gulf, with the usual degradation in
patches. It is my sincere hope that someone will win a
big state lottery, give all the money to The Nature
Conservancy, and then they buy a big chunk of the land
there. Maybe this week.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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