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NFC: List Guidelines and Rules -- Read 'em

Rules and Guidelines for The Native Fish Conservancy List and Sublists
Last Revisions: 29 June 2001.
Revisions (Sept 2000) Added section on FWL.  Added section under SPAM on NFC
Promos.  Rewrote cross-post, mostly for clarity.  Added BPEzine Section.
Removed Articles section.
Revisions (June 2001) FWL section modified.

Contacting List Administrator
  The list's administrator is always available at the e-mail address:
<list>-owner at actwin_com  For the NFC Lists, this is NFC-Owner at actwin_com.
Feel free to contact me at this address with suggestions, praise, offers of
money, or complaints.


   Spam is defined as followed:  Any unwelcome commercial posting, or
multiple postings of the same materiel.  (Such as posting the same message
five times.)  The following exceptions exist:

-=Relevant=- Articles

Fish Wish List: This is a collective post of people looking for fishes.
There is a section for commercial messages.  These are run by individuals on
the list.  Other such units should gain approval from the list manager
before posting.  See details on FWL below.
Accidental repeats:  Your router is lagging, and a message didn't make it
through for eight hours.  You repeated it.  Both got sent.  As long as it's
obviously not purposeful, it won't get you in trouble.
Auction Stuff:  That is fine, as long as it is the NFC auction [so, no, you
cannot auction off a date with yourself... and, no, I can't do that either
(sorry gals)]
NFC Promotional Stuff:  Occassionally, the NFC makes various deals with
companies for promotions.  Examples of these companies include Amazon.Com,
Pets.Com, etc.  These companies are NOT permitted, under any circumstances,
to send ads, spam or any other such information to NFC List Members without
their concent, nor are they permitted to send postings to the lists.
However, relevant announcements about these companies and occassional
reminders of the promotions with them are permitted.
This Post: The next person out there who tells me I've posted this more than

First Offense:  Warning.
Second Offense: Suspension from list for time period of administrators
Third: Permanent removal.

Extremely offensive material may result in immediate and permanent removal.
Examples include sex or pornographic advertisements, chain letters, and
triangle/pyramid/etc. scams.  These will also result in a nice little letter
sent to your server's administrator, which may result in revocation of your
account there.

SPAM sent from addressed not on the list does not go thru.  However, they do
create a  bounce to the list-owners private account.  Any spam traced from a
false address back to a list member will result in the above, skipping first
Bluntly, I'm sick and tired of getting a mailbox full of spam, you all don't
like it, I don't like it.  Especially not when I've already got a ton of it.


   A flame is any insulting or in/flam/atory remark.  This is something
meant to intentionally anger or upset someone else.  This is at the
receiving parties and/or list admin.'s discretion.

First and Second Offense:  Warnings.
Third and Forth  Offense:  Suspension for time period of admin. discretion.
Fifth:  Removal.

   Watch what you say, and you won't get in trouble.  Light comments will
generally be ignored.  Also, remember that there is no tone in writing.
"You know, you're a real putz." can be read as insulting or a light, jestful


   Keep the material in posts relevant.  Some wandering of topics is bound
to occur, and will generally be ignored.  Keep the politics to a minimum.
Completely off topic posts should not be made.

General Offense: Notice to keep on topic to list.
Continued: Warnings.
Regular: Suspension.
Continued Regular:  Removal.

  An occasional off-topic post is bound to be made, and going to be fine,
such as, "Just want the list to know that my wife and I are now expecting
our first baby in June!" or "Having a big problem with my beautiful pair of
Oscars, anyone help?" or something along that line is fine, as long as it's
not a constant thing.
   This is discretionary.  Yes, it's a fish list.  If you have a question
about fish that is off topic: You may send it to me at JLW at pi_dune.net.  If
I can't answer it myself, I'll get it answered, or just make up something
that sounds good.
   Keep the list relevant.  If you are constantly posting irrelevant
messages, and so forth, I'm going to just regard it as SPAM and put you
under that headline.

General Posting Guidelines:
     Please remember that a message sent to NFC at actwin_com reaches more than
a hundred people.
Try not to be annoying or offensive.  One line posts such as, "I agree!" or
"You're wrong" are
meaningless.  They're just going to be something to bother other people,
especially if you've quoted the four pages of the original message in it and
the six replies that came with it.   In short, make sure you actually have
something to say before you hit send.
         Bad Subjects:
    Majordomo is weird.  It doesn't like it if you send out a message with
the word "Subscribe,"
"unsubscribe," or "help" in the subject.  We tend to use the word HELP a
lot.  Fortunately, it now seems Majordomo will forward on messages in which
HELP is not the first word.  So, instead of sending a message such as "Help
Needed With Darters!"  change it to "Can anyone help me with darters?"
Occassionally, the words placement will be irrelevant, and I just assume you
type in something different, such as "Can anyone h*lp me with darters?"
     A thread is defined as a group of messages of the same topic making up
more than three
replies.  This is the initial message, a reply, and a reply to that reply.
It is not two replies to the same message.
     Threads of general interest are permitted on the list.  After all, the
list is for the members of it.
However, threads tend to dissolve into a conversation between two or three
people.  If this is the case, it should be taken off-list and brought to
just the people involved.


  We've added some new lists, and are back up to a fairly high number.
These include NFC, FWL, NFCBreeders, NFCPonds, Adopt-A-Tank, and BPEzine.
These lists all have similar topics, but are not identical.  Please limit
cross posts between them, as well as cross posts between these and non-NFC
lists.  This means do not send a message to more than one list.  Any given
message is most likely relevant to only one list, and should be sent there.
Sometimes they're relevant to more than one, and you should simply choose
the most relevant one.


The Fish Wish List has been modified to serve, instead, as an auction type
list.  Due to the infrequency of these events, the auctions are now held on
the main NFC List (until a lot of people complain.)


   The BPEzine list is a Non-Posting list.  That is, members of the list may
not post to it.  Only myself and Robert Rice may.  This list is for sending
out the Breeder's Program E-Magazine.  This includes information on species
bred and any other news in the world of the Breeder's Program.  Members of
the BP and of NFC in general are encouraged to join.


  Harassment by other means:
    You can get a list of all members of any list by sending mail to
Majordomo at actwin_com with the command who <list> in the body.  Use of this
list to spam/flame or otherwise bother list members will result in immediate
removal and/or contact to your site admin.  The same goes for just sending
mail to someone who's recently posted.  Messages of this nature should be
forwarded WITH HEADERS to JLW at pi_dune.net.

  Digest and Other Lists:
     The volume of this document applies to members of NFC-Digest at actwin_com
and its members,
NFC at actwin_com and its members, and all affiliated sublists.

  Correcting the Admin:
     The admin, me, is always right.  If I say the sky is orange, its
orange.  Don't argue with me. :)  With all seriousness, this comment simply
means that all decisions by the list administrator are final.

  Final Comments:
     The list has been more or less flame free, and, aside from some bizarre
situations mostly on topic.  We'd like to keep it that way.  Those of you
who know me know that I'm a pretty easy going guy.  As I've said before, if
you're not out to make a jerk of yourself, you'll be allright.  I'm not out
to be a censor, I'm not out to settle disputes, just try to keep the list a
bit happy for everyone.  The contents of this document will be uploaded to
http://www.geocities.com/Josh_Wiegert/nfclregs.txt within the week,
assuming I don't forget.

Joshua L. Wiegert
NFC Lists Administrator                          JLW at dune_net
www.geocities.com/JoshWiegert                    owner-nfc at actwin_com
www.dcpondcare.com                               pondcare at dcpondcare_com
ICQ Unavailable For Now                          AIM UID: JoshuaWiegert
Feel free to contact me by any of the above means for any reason.
   tIqDaq HoSna' tu'lu'           nIteb Qob quD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
NFC Lists include the main 'NFC' list, 'NFC-Digest,' 'NFCBreeders,'  the
Fish Wish List (FWL), AdoptATank, NFCPonds, and BPEzine.   To subscribe
to any of these, e-mail Majordomo at actwin_com with the command subscribe
<listname>.  To unsubscribe, use the command unsubscribe <list>.  Help
returns a list of other commands, or feel free to contact me at
Owner-NFC at actwin_com.  All lists are @actwin.com. Come join us and chat
about our native fishes, or visit http://www.nativefish.org!