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Re: NFC: Re: carlin?


  If you want to be so rude to people and treat them with such disrespect
and belittle them and flaunt your own "wonderful" intelligence over their
inferior intelligence, let me suggest you leave this list and join NANFA.
That is where various opinions are not tolerated and people with
"politically incorrect" opinions are not welcome.  On this list and in the
NFC in general, we treat each other with respect!  We discuss issues and
dont' attack the person voicing the opinion.  If you can't do that, get
off this list now!

 On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Fully Prepared wrote:

> In your cleverness you ignore changes
> evident in atmospheric temperature monitoring, sea
> surface temperature monitoring and, more importantly,
> in glacial ice core and sea sediment records.

There is no dispute that temperatures in some regards are warming
slightly.  Not unlike how they have done countless times in the past.  My
dispute is with the theorized cause of this trend.  I believe it is a
natural cycle in the life of the earth.  No political motives, no axe to
grind or people's opinions to change.  My conclusions are as logical and
concrete as anyone else's on the other side of the issue as we both use
the same data to decipher different meanings, causes and effects of
"global warming".

> It is with relief that I realize you have no real
> power, only the ability to voice ignorance in a small
> public forum.
> Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

...see my opening comments.  I won't dignify this any further.


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