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Re: NFC: No NFC content...was Re: carlin?

--- Larry <lbn at iceprototyping_com> wrote:
> I take this with a grain of salt...but there is
> definitely some known truth
> here.  What boggles my mind is the atmosphere CO2
> content is measured in
> parts per millions.  No biggy...but do you really
> believe that measurements
> taken 80 years ago could have been even mildly
> accurate?
Yes. Bulk gas measurement has been accurately
performed for over 100 years.
As to sources, this could be a very long list. The
Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change
(IGPCC) has issued various reports for years that all
lead to the conclusion of human-accelerated (not
necessarily caused) warming trends. This panel is
attacked by vested interest ideologues such as the
Wall Street Journal editorial page as "biased" and
"ignoring science". But they are a majority voice of
scientists! Even so-called skeptics like John Christy
at the University of Alabama agree that climate is
warming and will continue to do so, just maybe not as
quickly. For one key research group to follow, there
is the Climate Research Unit at the University of East
Anglia in the UK (Drs. Hadley and Wrigley, as I
remember). They have collected relevant data for a
long time.

But this goes way off topic. My concern is to protect
the fishes of North America and their environments,
not to conduct a global geochemistry class--unless
everyone wants me too! I think that Dr. Rice is cross
with me unfortunately.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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