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Re: NFC: The Toothfairy and Global Warming :)

> Even the last 40 years in Florida which is well
> documented show a
> continuing lowering latitudinally speaking of the
> freeze line. The orange
> growers would beg to differ a bit about global
> warming :)
I am sorry, Dr. Rice, but even if what you say is true
about Florida, it is only a tiny fraction of the
earth's surface. At least as interesting is the
movement northward of the permafrost line in Alaska,
eastern Siberia and northern Canada. If the polar
zones warm we have big problems.

> BTW: your use of a fake screen name I find to be an
> excellent testament
> of your charactor and agenda.
You doubt anyone is named Radley in Alabama?!? Come on
down to Mobile County.
Speaking of "charactor" and agenda, just what is it
you do with this NFC group? Do your Directors do
anything at all? Are Lawrence Page and Joseph
Tomelleri really on your Board or do you just display
their names? The curious just are asking.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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