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Re: NFC: The Toothfairy and Global Warming :)


there are a lot of somewhat weird things happening,
which are attributed to the changing of the jet
streams, which, are affected/directed by ocean temp

One of the other weird things of the past fifty years
is a 'precession' of the seasons, earlier or later
seasons, and more extreme seasonal changes, which
among other things cause cold weather in previously
warm areas such as Fla. while at the same time Alaska
weather too warm to run many of the sled dog races, no
snow due to melting. 

One other , more ominous effect we have seen
throughout the entire southern USA the past decade and
that is increasing drought, the southwest is now in a
ten year drought which has greatly impacted wildlife.
There in Fla you have had unusual drought. All of
these are due to changes in the jet streams which are
caused by variations in ocean temps, for the most part

OTOH, countries close to the Indian Ocean have had
record flooding, Southern Africa in particular. Damage
to the infrastructure has been severe. Changes in the
ocean temp again. I was in South Africa, North
Province last year when it came, folks there had never
seen such rains in their lifetimes, and, there are no
records of such, ever. 

The data is indeed not in, but, there is enough that
is that very disturbing trends can be seen, for those
who will see them. Weather extremes have happened in
the past few years that are records exceeding anything
recorded since records have been kept. Central Asia
has had two of the coldest winters ever these past two
years. Along with heavy snows. 

These aberrant weather patterns are due to the changes
in the jet streams, which in turn are affected by
changes in ocean temps, which are affected by many

Re Mark Twains oranges, I know a family in St Louis
that has a couple trees also in their back yard, but,
it is sheltered, and a hardy variety. 

nuff, lots to speculate on, and thats all anyone can
do for now, but we should be making some careful
assessments as to what is going on, and plans .
Continual using of 15% of the western water resources
to irrigate southern california highways plantings is
one of the more brain dead things that needs to stop,
and we could reallocate that water to restoration of 
overdrawn aquifers of the southwest. For starters.


--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> Good Dr. Radley,
> Not to state the obvious here but whom amongst has
> any real power ?
> Certainly not the senators ,governors,scientist,
> civilians and
> congressmen I have spoken with :) .Let alone anyone
> here on this list big
> or small. Officials and civilians alike often claim
> its not their
> department or its not within their power to enact
> change. So therefore
> you should find no relief at all in Mr. Mclurgs
> statements.
> On a side note have you done any research into the
> ranges of plants over
> the last 150 years ? if so you would notice a trend
> of  a deepening of
> the freeze line , for example Mark Twain by some
> accounts(including his
> own) used to grow oranges in his garden of his
> southern missourri home in
> the 1870's. It would appear  by all species maps
> that the southern plant
> species are losing ground to their Northern cousins.
> Which puts this
> myopic study in an even more jepordy. Certainly CO2
> is a legitimate
> pollutant but I question sciences understanding of
> the forces that
> control our atmospheric changes.
> So I remain a bit sceptical :)
> Even the last 40 years in Florida which is well
> documented show a
> continuing lowering latitudinally speaking of the
> freeze line. The orange
> growers would beg to differ a bit about global
> warming :)
> BTW: your use of a fake screen name I find to be an
> excellent testament
> of your charactor and agenda.
> > It is with relief that I realize you have no real
> > power, only the ability to voice ignorance in a
> small
> > public forum. 
> > 
> > Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
> > 
> > 

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