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NFC: The Toothfairy and Global Warming :)

Good Dr. Radley,

Not to state the obvious here but whom amongst has any real power ?
Certainly not the senators ,governors,scientist, civilians and
congressmen I have spoken with :) .Let alone anyone here on this list big
or small. Officials and civilians alike often claim its not their
department or its not within their power to enact change. So therefore
you should find no relief at all in Mr. Mclurgs statements.

On a side note have you done any research into the ranges of plants over
the last 150 years ? if so you would notice a trend of  a deepening of
the freeze line , for example Mark Twain by some accounts(including his
own) used to grow oranges in his garden of his southern missourri home in
the 1870's. It would appear  by all species maps that the southern plant
species are losing ground to their Northern cousins. Which puts this
myopic study in an even more jepordy. Certainly CO2 is a legitimate
pollutant but I question sciences understanding of the forces that
control our atmospheric changes.

So I remain a bit sceptical :)

Even the last 40 years in Florida which is well documented show a
continuing lowering latitudinally speaking of the freeze line. The orange
growers would beg to differ a bit about global warming :)

BTW: your use of a fake screen name I find to be an excellent testament
of your charactor and agenda.

> It is with relief that I realize you have no real
> power, only the ability to voice ignorance in a small
> public forum. 
> Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama