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Re: NFC: Re: carlin?

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Fully Prepared wrote:

>If you doubt that some effect is happening, look at all the
> disappearing alpine glaciers AROUND THE WORLD. 

And yet, according to the theory of global weather patterns for the last 1
million years or so, they have done this repeatedly.  It's nothing new, we
ARE suppossed to be in a period of glacial retreat, are we not?  That's
what they taught us in school.  Temperature fluctuations are a natural
fact of the earth.  I can't believe that the concentration of 0.03% of CO2
in our atmosphere even doubling can have any profound effect.  I think the
methods used to "prove" global warming were/are sloppy and full of a lot
of outright falsifying of data to further personal and political
agendas.  After all, grants are how the scientist usually gets paid, and
if he/she says what the grant givers WANT to hear, then he/she remains in
the money.


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