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Re: NFC: Re: carlin? Way OT!

That is true, Scott, in an aquatic system in which CO2
has very low solubility. CO2 in the atmosphere is
good, and maybe more in the atmosphere is good. But
this will cause climate changes, quickly, that we may
not be able to deal with pleasantly. Where I live in
Mobile County, Alabama, will be at risk sooner than
later from rising sea levels. If you think that CO2
increases are recent, search for "Keeling Curve" on
the web; Ralph Keeling started monitoring CO2 levels
on Mauna Loa in Hawaii in the 1950s and clearly
demonstrated a steady increase, from 310 ppm then to
360 ppm in the atmosphere today. You can interpret
this as you wish.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

> You know what the preponderant, devilishly harmful
> greenhouse gas is, that 
> we are all so worried about?  Carbon dioxide,
> possibly the most benevolent 
> molecule known to man.  Us aquarium folks know that
> if one adds CO2 to an 
> environment, the plants happily use it right up.  It
> works the same way in 
> or out of the water.  I really do think this has
> been blown out of all 
> proportion!
> Best,
> Scott

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