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Re: NFC: Re: carlin? Way OT!


And it's not only honest journalists that get punished.  A number of 
scientists have been ostracized for not jumping on the wagon!  Some have 
lost fellowships, have been dumped from government and UN-funded climate 
study committees, etc.  It doesn't take too long for the quick learners to 
figure out where the money comes from, and what strings are attached.

The fact is, the earth is not getting appreciably warmer.  I had fun at Dan 
Rather's expense last winter.  When an unusually dry, warm winter was being 
experienced in New England, if memory serves, Mr. Rather blamed - you 
guessed it, GLOBAL WARMING.  Then when a very long cold spell accompanied by 
lots of snow followed later in the year, Mr. Rather blamed - GLOBAL WARMING. 
  Amazing.  And there are folks that believe him in both cases.

Actually, global mean temps have increased slightly over the last 110 years. 
  Most of that increase occurred in the first 60 years of the 110 year 
period, before the burning of fossil fuels became an important energy 
source.  And the increase is entirely within the range of natural, 
expectable temperature variations.

The global warming 'crisis' sprung from 'scientists' who created 'what-if' 
computer models, incorporating a range of possible scenarios, assumptions 
(wild and otherwise) and some historical climate records. All of this lead 
of course to predictably uncertain and unscientific results.

Adding to the mix is the fact that the news media invariably take ahold of 
the worst possible scenario (which is truly beyond the range of possibility) 
and say "this is what will happen".

I read a really funny (but also disturbing) news blurb the other day about 
how New Zealand's farmers are up in arms over their government's attempt to 
charge a 'flatulence tax' as part of their compliance with the Kyoto Treaty. 
  It seems the sheep and cattle create large amounts of 'greenhouse gases' 
whilst they chew their cuds, and the farmers who raise 'em must be punished 
forthwith.  Is that not an example of government run amok?

You know what the preponderant, devilishly harmful greenhouse gas is, that 
we are all so worried about?  Carbon dioxide, possibly the most benevolent 
molecule known to man.  Us aquarium folks know that if one adds CO2 to an 
environment, the plants happily use it right up.  It works the same way in 
or out of the water.  I really do think this has been blown out of all 



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>Fully Prepared wrote:
> >
> > --- Scott Olson <olson7 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> > > Bad Americans, unite!
> > >
> > > I loved this, thanks Robert!  Especially the line
> > > about global warming.
> > > Sometimes it seems like G.W. and I are the last
> > > people on earth that aren't
> > > willing to be coerced onto this mythical band-wagon.
> > Dream on Scott, you are being steered wrong by "I was
> > a C student! Wow!" W. If you let W guide your thoughts
> > on global warming you might as well go all the way and
> > take Hank Jr.'s advice on living your life; you will
> > come to a bad end. This was free advice I received
> > from a Texas Ranger long ago and I think he was right.
>Sorry Boo, you don't have to be much of a fan of the current Republocrat or
>Demopublican to spot the utter trash being propagated by the new nazis of
>the green bigot brigade.
>I, too, am old enough to remember when the same crowd was crying about the
>new ice age, and for the exact same political reasons -- expansion of the
>nanny state at our expense. Then, as now, Chicken Little was their primary
>scientific advisor. Pseudoscience and bureaucrat-written "Executive
>Summaries" are their stock in trade.
>When someone like John Stossel tried to introduce some actual science into
>the discussion, ABC edited out his interviews and left him hanging:
>Reason? Extreme pressure from those with a Global-Warming axe to grind!
>"John Stossel, whose insightful and irreverent ABC News reports stressing
>sound science have provoked outrage on the environmental left, will address
>a luncheon hosted by Tech Central Station on July 19."
>www.TechCentralStation.com is an interesting place, BTW.
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