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NFC: (off topic) Carlin's piece

	George Carlin is a comedian, an actor and a writer who writes
popular books. One can presume that he enjoys the attention of the public,
works to keep himself in the public eye with whatever methods at his
disposal (tv/radio appearances, photo-ops, etc.). He isn't a philosopher.  
He has been known to write stuff that tests the limits of the First
Amendment of the Constitution of the USA.

	He writes a piece which appeals to everybody's base emotions -
somebody pops it on a mailing list, other pick it up and forward it along
because it sounds good to the ears.

	OF COURSE, IT SOUNDS GOOD! Carlin wrote it to be so! 

	Did any of you stop to think that he might have just been writing
to fullfil his words quota at the magazine? Or that he didn't have
anything else profound to say? That he gets paid either with money or by
other means to write stuff like that? You may think that he is expressing
his opinions. Do you not think that he has some vested interests?

	So, it made you feel hot and irritable. Were you hot and irritable
before you read that piece? 



	U S E  R E A S O N 

	Is life fair? Is anybody in this world truly happy? 

	Everybody has problems. Carlin is just bringing your attentioon to
more things for you to feel miserable about. Do you really need to worry
about all those things? Why raise your own blood pressure about stuff that
you don't need to?

	I thank God everytime I remember that there is a roof over my wife
and child, food on the table and clothes to wear. There are millions of
people who don't even have that!

	Carlin is a horse's derriere who loves to push your buttons. If
you love having your buttons pushed, go for it. If not, ignore him.

	Now, back to your regular scheduled program on native fish and
their conservation ...

(feeling ornery or cranky or just am plain hungry which makes me cranky)

Sajjad Lateef   email: sajjad <at> acm.org 
Chicago, IL     web: http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/