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Re: NFC: that old feeder thing...

You might want to check out:




for commercial sources of worms and growing materials.

There was a mostly-hobbyist site that was extremely full of good husbandry
details, but I don't seem to have the URL any more. Anyone recall the
somewhat irreverent and humourous site I'm remembering?


Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:
> Still in search of the constant feeder supplies... (grindal starter cultures
> on their way!)
> Has anyone ever tried raising earthworms?  How did you do it and how much
> luck did you have?  Those of us who don't live in warm climates don't have
> the luxury of digging them year-round :)  I read one person's account who
> claimed that you would get literally thousands of worms within 3 weeks using
> a 18 x 18 x 18 wood box filled with peat moss, feeding corn meal.  This
> sounds a wee bit too good to be true to me, but man am I sick of having to
> collect 3 signatures and round up a purchasing agent every couple weeks to
> buy feeders.
> (in addition to the fish, am feeding garter snakes, salamanders, chorus
> frogs, and bullfrogs, and will soon be adding woodhouse's toads & plains
> spadefoats.  Between all these guys I go through a ridiculous number of
> worms, crickets, rosy red feeders, and assorted other small lives ...can't
> wait for the garters to be big enough so I can mix in mice into their diets)
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