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NFC: that old feeder thing...

Still in search of the constant feeder supplies... (grindal starter cultures 
on their way!)

Has anyone ever tried raising earthworms?  How did you do it and how much 
luck did you have?  Those of us who don't live in warm climates don't have 
the luxury of digging them year-round :)  I read one person's account who 
claimed that you would get literally thousands of worms within 3 weeks using 
a 18 x 18 x 18 wood box filled with peat moss, feeding corn meal.  This 
sounds a wee bit too good to be true to me, but man am I sick of having to 
collect 3 signatures and round up a purchasing agent every couple weeks to 
buy feeders.

(in addition to the fish, am feeding garter snakes, salamanders, chorus 
frogs, and bullfrogs, and will soon be adding woodhouse's toads & plains 
spadefoats.  Between all these guys I go through a ridiculous number of 
worms, crickets, rosy red feeders, and assorted other small lives ...can't 
wait for the garters to be big enough so I can mix in mice into their diets)
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