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Re: NFC: Re: carlin?

Bad Americans, unite!

I loved this, thanks Robert!  Especially the line about global warming.  
Sometimes it seems like G.W. and I are the last people on earth that aren't 
willing to be coerced onto this mythical band-wagon.

To think that when I was in high school (some 28 years ago) the demagoguery 
of the day was the next ice age!  Funny, too, that some of the main 
proponents of that silly theory are now in the fore-front of global warming 
activism.  I guess there's gold in those eco-freak hills.  Or fame.  Or 
something...smh (scratching my head.)  What's really sad is that many who 
are aware of the facts are still willing to spread this nonsense.

I'll shut up and get back to work.



From cool, wintry Santiago, Chile, but I get to go home this weekend, after 
three weeks in New Delhi, Al Khobar, London, Warrington, Sao Paulo and 
Santiago...there's no place like home, there's no place like home...

I think global
> > warming
> > > >  is a
> > > >  big lie. Where are all those experts now, when
> > I
> > > >  am
> > > >  freezing my ass through a long winter?
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